Presentations using Honeybee & Ladybug

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

I am doing several presentations using Honeybee and Ladybug during my thesis, and I am wondering in regards to the use of the honeybee/ladybug logo’s and visual diagrams.

Do we have permission to use these (are they also part of the open-source of these programs?)



The Ladybug graphics and diagrams are as open and liberated as the source code. We only ask that, much like the GPL licence, you give credit to those who have produced them or cite the source in your “derivative works” :slight_smile:

Good luck with the presentation!



Awesome thanks! =D I am hosting several focus groups here in New Zealand to understand the possible barriers to implementing workflows using Honeybee and Ladybug in the design process within our building industry. Before hosting the focus groups, I will be introducing the practitioners to Honeybee and Ladybug by taking them through some exercises.

Hopefully it should be a lot of fun!

  • Elly

Hi Elly,

Sounds like a very interesting endeavor. Please let us know of the outcomes concerning the barriers you identify. Should be interesting to a lot of us!

Kind regards,



It sounds like an interesting presentation! Many technologies are inherently social phenomena at their core and software projects like Ladybug + Honeybee are defined more by a community than by the software itself. The code is more an artifact of the ongoing interaction of people on these forums and the real technology is in the minds of these people who apply and develop it.

As such, I find many barriers that slow the implementation of new processes and workflows like those of LB+HB are also social in nature and some of the most effective efforts to overcome these barriers have more new social resources rather than new software features. For example, things like documentation, example file sharing, and tutorials are oftentimes just as important if not more so than the code.

To second Theodore’s comment, I am very interesting in understanding your take on it if any of your presentations will be available online.