Preview Color Mesh in Arctic mode of Rhino 7

Hi there, this is be a ladybug issue but think it matters a lot to this community and would to ask for help.

The preview in Grasshopper in Rhino 7 now will align with Rhino view display mode. To be specify, when I use arctic mode in Rhino, the preview of colorful mesh from LB will loss color. This is annoying when I want to view model in arctic but be able to show colorful LB results.

My Rhino 7 is new so it could be just setting from my side but I wonder if anyone has some tip to keep the LB color within arctic mode?

Thanks for helping.

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Yes. You need to adjust the settings of the Arctic display view in the Tool>Options>View>DisplayMode/Arctic>LightingScheme to Scene Lighting


SWEET! Thanks for your quick reply!