Problem about imageviewer in ladybug

Hi, everyone. I have a problem when I use imageviewer in ladybug. As you can see the imageviewer works well after daylight simulation, but it failed when I try to import glarecheckimage. Is there anyone could help, please!

In additon, honeybee_glare analysis seems cannot work well

Hi,@wangbin this workflow worked fine on my computer. Maybe you should upgrade Radiance to Version 5.1 or newer.

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Thanks, Minggangyin. Actually, my Radiance Version is 5.2 :rofl:

Hi,@wangbin wxfalsecolor.exe also need to upgrade to newest version.

I am still working on it. Falsecolor2.exe and Randiance were downloaded from ladybug-legacy. They should be newest version I think…
Now I’m trying to download Daysim, but website is under maintenance. Is it possible that I should try again when I can install Daysim?

@wangbin Your question is about Radiance not daysim.Please re-run the Daylight simulation component.Maybe the file will be nice.

Thank you so much minggangyin. I found that I forgot to install Daysim before, because they shut down the website. Now, I download it from other website and everything works great! Thanks again for your kind help!

It is confusing, but now everything works well. Maybe Daysim.exe file contains something important.

@wangbin You can download daysim from the link.