Problem: Analysing a REVIT model in the gbXML Viewer

Hello everyone,

i want to have a closer look on my Revit Building. I already exported the model in an .xml. After i put it it in the gbXML viewer, nothing happens. Can someone give me a tip ? Is this the wrong way to generate the .xml. ? Though the gbXML viewer is recognizing the name of my project but he doesn´t show me the building.

thanks a lot!


Hi @IBK,

Welcome to the forum! You should at least share your model for @TheoA to be able to help you with the problem.

See forum guidelines here:


By creating the file, you took the first step. We are here to help get up and running.

Can you share the file - so I can have a look?

And which version of the Spider gbXML Viewer are you using. There are several - and each has its own benefits - and issues. :wink:

A had the same problem with Revit 2020 and Revit 2021. When I export my geometry .xmlExemple 3v3.xml (32.6 KB) i miss the slab in Honeybee. Even the model seem correct in Spider.


Oops, I missed your reply. Sorry. I downloaded your example. It looks good. using:, I see this:

Hi TheoA,
Merci beaucoup.
Thanks a lot.

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