Problem generating a radiation rose with hydra example

Hi Guys!

I am using the example RADIATION ROSE provide by Mostapha Roudsari to make a radiation rose for Stuttgar with an epw file downloaded from energy plus web but it does not work.

The problem say that input radiation are all 0. What is the problem? I have attached the file.

Thanks! (376 KB)

I have not checked your file yet but my initial guess is that you are selecting a sky at nighttime. I will try to look soon.


Your file is running fine for me.

Can you post the exact error and a screenshot of it?



It just occurred to me that this issue is probably related to this one:…

Can you check the epw file that you are using and make sure that it’s size is much larger than 1 kB. Alternatively, can you upload the epw file that you are using?


Here is the .epw file

DEU_Stuttgart.107380_IWEC.epw (1.47 MB)


It seems my intuition was wrong and I still have not been able to recreate your issue (both your GH file and EPW file are producing a radiation rose for me). I could not see Ladybug_Ladybug in your screenshot. Is it orange or red? If so, try setting a default folder as input to the component. The username of your computer might have a space in it, which prevents Ladybug from finding a good default folder as per these discussions:……


It is not orage neither red.


I am fresh out of ideas about what the problem could be. It is difficult to figure out the issue without being able to re-create it. I will see if I can get Mostapha to take a look at this or ask if he has any ideas.

If anyone else on this forum has experienced this issue or has thoughts about what it could be, please post.



I can’t reproduce the case either, but can you set the useOldRes_ in the HB_genCumulativeSkyMtx to False? This way it will re-calculate the sky radiation from fresh.


Hi, I’m having the same problem as you Eduardo.

I’m trying to do a radiation analysis and i get all zero for radiation values.

useOldRes is set on False, I checked everything you mentioned but non of it seems to work.

epw file attached as well as screenshots and files.


Yulian (387 KB)
rad_sim.3dm (343 KB)

sorry, forgot the epw

ISR_Tel.Aviv-Bet.Dagan.401790_MSI.epw (1.65 MB)

Hi Yulian,

Your file works for me.

I’m suspecting there is a writing permission issue.

Change the default folder in the KB_LB component to some place you have for sure those permissions.

This is also for Eduardo.


Thanks a lot abraham!

Oddly enough I restarted my computer a couple of times and it started working.


Hi all, I agree with Abraham. Can you try the attached file and let us know if it works? (375 KB)