Problem in getting Sky view factor value


I am calculating the Sky view factor for my project and I am using the definition created by Chris which was uploaded on the forum. Would like to know where I am going wrong; why I am unable to get the svf for a point located on my model.

Also, do we also need to provide a wether file for this analysis? I mean on what basis it is calculating the SVF.


SVF.3dm (54.6 KB) (472.6 KB)

Hello everyone

In addition to my previous question - I have found sky view analysis example on Hydra share; could anyone tell me is it same as Sky view factor? Does it also give the result in SVF?

If not then what’s the difference in these two definitions? I mean the one which i have asked previously and the one which is attached in this.

Also, Why the legend colours are not matching with the colours in the street canyon.

SVF2.3dm (35.3 KB) (388.1 KB)

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