Problem in modeling for Energy Plus


I want to calculate the energy of residential buildings. But due to the large number of floors(11 floors for each),there are 44 zones to calculate and it takes me 30 mins to run the energy plus. What’s the worst is that I have almost 100 similar models waiting for calculating!!

I have two possible methods to get the calculation faster:
1)How to put 11 floors into a zone(but every floor needs the windows),so that there are only 4 zones to
calculate and save a lot of time???
2)How to run the multiple CPUs to parallel calculate the energy plus to save time???


I would set up the study to run the study for one of the building at each time and use other buildings as context. Setting up the workflow in Grasshopper should be straight forward but do you really need to run 100 similar cases separately? Why don’t you just run one of them and copy the results?