Problem in reading EPW file:

Hi. I want to run the annual load analysis analysis. I have a epw file which is perfectly works with EnergyPlus (you could see the file 2050.epw results in energyplus with 0 severe errors), but when I run it for annual load component it goes with error (1. Solution exception: ** Fatal ** Error in Reading Weather Data). On the other handwhen I import it as an EPW file, and deconstruct it it actually includes the required data.

you can see the resul of energy plus with the same epw file without severe error

It might be because of the white space in the path. The Annual Loads component might have an issue with that. Can you copy the weather file in a different path with no white space and see if it resolves the issue?

If that’s the case then it should be easy to fix this bug.

Dear @mostapha thanks for your quick reply. I checked it even on another system with the followin path:
Yet it is not working.

Can you share the weather file with us for testing?

White spaces in file paths should be totally acceptable across the plugin now.

There’s probably something in the ladybug-core EPW class that is preventing the creation of the DDY file from the EPW. If you post a link to the EPW file you are using as @mostapha says, we should be able to fix it.

while there was a warning about the lack of DDY file, also tried to generate ddy file with “LB EPW to DDY” and now there is no warning about it.

Huh, I can’t recreate the issue in LBT 1.5. I recommend just upgrading your installation to 1.5.

Hmm…I will let you know about the results.

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It acctually worked. thank you so much for helping.

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