Problem in windows definition and getting accurate results

I am having trouble to actually see the effect of windows in my real model. so I created a small box with two windows. with or without them, the illuminance results are the same like they dont exist. im uploading the file so can you please take a look to see what am I doing wrong? plus the colormesh rendering is not right either. after running, the floor turns only red, while I defined the higher and lower bound.
Thanks (506.0 KB)

@mostapha Can you please take a look at this ?

Please share a file with geometry internalized

this is the geometry associated with the gh file.

Please flip your test geometry and it should work just fine.

Thank you @devang . it worked.
can you also help me with this color issue?


it seems like its showing the blue color but in the top view im getting this color:

how do I fix this color gradient ?

  1. Select all the components on your canvas.
  2. right clikc on canvas and turn preview off. This will turn preview off for all the components.
  3. Go to the re-Color mesh component in your canvas. Right click on it and turn its preview on.

@devang thank you so much !