Problem of Active exterior shade schedule only work in summer

Hi! Everyone! I’m new here.
I have a problem when i set exterior shade plate schedule. I hope the shade only work in summer to calculate the energy consumption and with no shade in winter. But the result seems it works both in summer and winter.

Hi @wtlodger,
Could you please share a simplified version of your file?

here is my gh file20190620 nenghaofengchao xiugaicanshu3-1zy1开孔率 (1.2 MB)
nenghaomoxing fengchao.3dm (176.9 KB)

the location is China Hangzhou

i have confirm the schedule work well. But when it links to the EPTransSchedule, the result is the same

Hi,@wtlodger You grasshopper definition is so complex. According to your problem. I do a simple example.
Here is the shade schedule:

The result of a model without shade and a model with shade only in summer
Here are the two results.
with tree only in (679.5 KB)

Thank you very much. I have solved the problem from your example. The point is how to understand EPTransSchedule. When the value set to 1, it means the shade is transparent.