Problem of North orientation

Hi Everybody,

The orientation related to North can be set up in “Honeybee_ Run Energy Simulation” components, but I do not find how to set up the North orientation for “HBZones”, such as in “Honeybee_Set EnergyPlus Zone Thresholds”.

If I set up the North orientation in “Honeybee_ Run Energy Simulation”, but do not (or cannot) set up North orientation for “HBZones”, some calculation result will be not correct.

Can someone help me for this issue.


Just connect a vector or a number to north input. Hover the mouse over the input and you can read the description.

Hi Mostapha,

Your solution can be applied to c, it will impact the component which is follow the “Honeybee_ Run Energy Simulation” component(downstream), it cannot impact the other components(upstream).

I try to find how to set up the the North orientation for HBZones before “Honeybee_ Run Energy Simulation” component.


Hi Solon,

In EnergyPlus you set the north direction for the whole model (building) and not each zone.

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you, you are right.


Does “North” in Ladybug refer to magnetic north or to true north.
For example, North_ is a possible input into the LB_SkyMatrix component.
Thank you for answering.