Problem with assigning more detail settings to HVAC

I tried to use the “assign HVAC” component to change the HVAC simulation settings. However, nothing is changed and an error message is returned.

My HVAC setting component is shown in the figure below. Do I need to export it to OpenStudio and return it as an IDF file?

“1. An HVAC system is applied to zone_0.
This component will replace this HVAC system with an Ideal Air Loads system.
To model advanced HVAC systems, use the Export to OpenStudio component.”

Hi,@Ivanita The answer is yes. HVAC system only support OpenStudio.You need use OpenStudio for energy simulation.

@minggangyin Do you mean I have to export it to OpenStudio, fixed the setting and import back to Grasshopper (honeybee)?

@Ivanita I mean this component.

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