Problem with Calculate ASE for Leed


I downloaded the Calculate_ASE_For_Leed file and I’m trying to configure a new geometry.
Unfortunatly the Ladybug_Mesh Threshold Selector Component do this error: Attempted to divide by zero.

Anyone can help me?

Prova_ASE_3dm.3dm (248.0 KB) (451.3 KB)


@MassimilianoBusnelli ,

Your test surfaces are facing downward toward the floor. You can see this by using the Rhino Dir command:

Use the Rhino Flip command to flip your test surfaces so that they are facing upward. Then, they will be able to see the sun.


Thanks a lot @chris ,
problem solved.
To do this work I started importing an .idf file, with a select item I selected the room and then I made a bake to have the sueprfici without the windows, to divide and assign as context or test geometry. I will try to automate everything with Gh. Thank you so much again!