Problem with calculating Standard Daysim results from example file


I have a problem with calculating standard daysim result as for example sDA,CDA.

I tried to do it with example file 006 but it doesnt work, everything else work perfectly like the UDI or the lux level at the specific time of the year (HOY).

I have installed the latest ghPython




Have you tried to update the components. Because I can see your component is dated back to march.

// daniel


Thank for answer, I downloaded the whole Ladybug-Honeybee pack last week as the newest one, but I m a tottaly begginer with it so please write to me how can I update the component if it s newer there.



I am not sure if the update that is the problem in your case. Or else try to upload you GH file and I could try to look at it.

If you update, you should be aware of when you do that you get the latest development and in some cases there can be small bugs. Drag the update comp. on the canvas and connect a boolean toogle and set to true.

Thank , I m uptading it now, but the GH file was the example file for daylighting

from Mostapha

the update works

Thank you Daniel

Fantastic! :slight_smile: