Problem with components of ENVI-met

Dear all,

I tried the components of Envi-met in ladybug, but I met some problems. I’m looking forward to the solution. Thank you!

  1. the height of buildings created by ladybug is the same as the building numbers. For example, in my case, I set the same height for all buildings(15m). When I open the INX file, the height values is the same as the building numbers, but in fact, the height is 15m if checked in the 3D view. The trouble is that, when I want to adjust some part of the building, the height will be changed automatically.

  2. No input for the reference longitude, which set as 15.00 only in default.

Following is the gh file.
20180614-Envi-met Model-datched (412.4 KB)

Hi @yinshity,

Could you attach rhino file? There are some geometries by Rhino layers with LunchBox.
I also invite you to donwload the latest version of lb_envimet components and library. You can find it on github: lb_envimet


Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio,

Thank you so much for your reply.
I updated the ladybug already.
Following is the rhino file for my model.
Test model.3dm (46.0 KB)