Problem with energy simulation and HBzone creation (710 KB)

You either have to internalize the geometry or share the Rhino model. No one can help you just from the Grasshopper definition.

Here is my rhino file. Thank you for mentioning that.

I attached the rhino file. Thank you for mentioning that.

Sajjadi_Mitra.3dm (3.81 MB)

Hi Mitra,

I took a look. You are not supplying closed BREPs to the Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation Component. I suggest you use Honeybee_createHBSrfs component to take your surfaces, and then make zone / zones from them.



… or join the surfaces into a closed brep before connecting it to MassToZone component.

Thank you for your help dear Mostapha. That solved my problem. Thanks so much.