Problem with galapagos in daylight simulation

Hi everyone,

I want to optimize the space with Galapagos. I progress to the simulation stage, but I had a problem about the fitness Galapagos and I don’t know what function should be connected to it to optimize the light according to dimension of window, angle,depth and number of shade.

If you guide me, I will be grateful.

thanks. (759 KB)

Hi Parisa,

It really depends on what you are optimizing. The way you have developed your definition I would say that either shade helpfulness (maximize) or shade harmfulness (minimize) can be linked into Galapagos. It will then go through iterations to find out which assembly maximizes or minimizes the fitness.

I would have to note however, that in single parameter optimization you tend to get expected results. A more useful analysis should include a combination of conflicting criteria, e.g. daylight availability and energy consumption.

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Hi Theodore,

Thank you for your answer. I want to desirable the level of daylight enter into the space without eye suffering according to dimension of window and specification of shade.

I don’t know what component should be connected to the fitness that will be minimized or maximized.

would you mind checking the attached file and do this?


  1. Did you try to run a couple of cases and make sure that the model works fine (e.g. the results change as expected.)

  2. If your question is in specific about the algorithm type to use you should send this question to Galapagos group.