Problem with GBXML import - missing floor and windows

I am trying to import via HB a simple GBXML created by REVIT.
What is interesting when loaded into GBXML viewer Spider everything works:

But in GH I have no floor (the brep is there, but HB does not read it as floor) and the windows do not cut walls.


I am attaching the sample gbxml and gh file (20.4 KB)

gbxml-test.xml (629.8 KB)

Hi/Cześć @ae Mateusz :slight_smile:

Slab on grade is defined as groundFloors in Honeybee.

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Thanks! This solves part of the problem :slight_smile:
I see that also on your computer windows are still not cut.

Hi @ae, that is most likely a visualization problem. In EP there is no cut in the parent face. We subtract the child surface from the parent surface just for the visualization purpose.

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Thank You for Your answer! This is good to know this is only visualization problem.
Anyway I have found the problem: the reason was the wrong method of exporting GBXML from Revit. Now everything works properly even with automated frame thickness and roof shading

I think I have a working proper method now 100%. When I will test it I will make a post I think

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Can you please share the method you followed to export from revit? Thanks