Problem with HB_addHBGlz and child surfaces

Hi, I have a problem with a gh file, it doesn’t read windows of the building instead the same file open on my friend’s pc runs well.


Honeybee_HBGlz doesn’t show windows created as child surfaces but only the HBsurface without them.

Thanks in advance for your reply. (28.1 KB)

@ambror, You forgot to internalise the geometries in GH file.

Chiled surfaces must be located on the normal of the base surface. (489.2 KB)

I open your file but the problem is the same: when I enable preview on HB_createHBSrfs I see windows.

But when I enable preview on HB_addglz I see only the surface without windows, so when I run the analysis it doesn’t read windows.


Hello @ambror, It appears that you’re missing an avatar! Please set it up in your profile! Thanks. :slight_smile:

if you are using Rhino 6 you probably need to update HB. This issue was discussed about a month ago.