Problem with HB Surfaces

Hello everybody.

I am just starting to use dynamo and my main motivation to use it is because I discovered the amazing work of @mostaphaRoudsari , congratulations !! This is really awesome. I’ve been reading and watching also tutorials on some of the basics of Dynamo and also about ladybug and honeybee to the point that I have managed to “bake the analysis results in Revit” as shown by Saeed Dehghani.

Anyways, what I am concerned about is, as the title says, the HB Surfaces. I was thinking that the “Get HB Zones from Rooms” may not always be entirely useful to me especially if I have geometries with big overhangs or external shading devices which are not considered in the geometry of the room.
It is for this reason that I consider to make everything with HB surfaces, however, I get an error that I don’t understand, I don’t know if it is of my lack of knowledge (this weight a lot in this case, obviously) or it is due to an outdated of the script.
What I did is that I tried to directly select the face of an element and transform it into a HB Surface. I get this message:


I could manage to generate a test points grid by deconstructing and reconstructing the surface like this:


I tried this method for the HB Surface, but no luck =(


I am using Revit 2019, Dynamo 2.0.2 and Honeybee 0.1.9
If you have any advice, or if you could help me how can I get this done, I would be really grateful to you.
Thank you in advance!! I am really happy to start being a part of this group.