Problem with Honeybee_Daysim User Profiles

Hello everyone, i saw this component called Honeybee_Daysim User Profiles and i want to use it in my simulation, but i couldn’t figure where i should connect it. And also i keep getting this warning from it after i connect 0 for lighting control and blind control : “1. A place holder for now. For now all the Daysim simulations will be run for an active user profile. The implication of the user profiles is technically so easy but can be really confusing for the users. Need more thought.”. Lastly, i want to know what kind of data i should put in the frequency input: some percentage or a schedule?

Thank you all for your attention.


The component by now does nothing. I assume it is a work in progress. If you check the code, you’ll see that the component only show a message.


Hi Allyson,

Abraham is right! This is a place holder and I found it not really necessary to implement. Daysim logic is already sort of a blackbox and I believe user_profile will add one more layer on top of that. You can hack the hea file and change the user_profile by adding a single line.

In any case my question for you is why do you need to change the user_profile?