Problem with Honeybee-Energy Air Boundary Surface and EnergyPlus


I have set up a model in which I have constructed honeybee rooms from separate surfaces, because I require detailed control over every surface’s properties.
Honeybee-Radiance is working just fine, but plugging my rooms into the EnergyPlus “HB Annual Loads” returns the following error:

  1. Solution exception:Face “OG5_Air_Horiz_1[OG5_Air_Horiz_1_9a6cb331]” is an Air Boundary but lacks a Surface boundary condition.
    ‘Outdoors’ object has no attribute ‘boundary_condition_objects’

I have tried setting the boundary condition of any surfaces set as Air Boundaries to either of the other two boundary condition options (Ground, Adiabatic), but that didn’t change anything.
Plugging in a singular room that does not have any surfaces set as Air Boundaries works fine.

When I change the surface type to Wall or Floor, it returns this error:

  1. Solution exception: ** Fatal ** Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination.

I am using LB/HB version 1.6.0, OpenStudio 3.5.0, and EnergyPlus 22.2.0. I believe those are the latest versions available, and they should be compatible according to the available compatibility matrix.

A copy of my file is attached. (301.4 KB)

Thank you so much!

I met the same problem recently,have you solved it?
I would apppreciate it if you can tell me how to deal with it.
Thank you.

Hi, I have resorted to a “backwards” solution, where I make my rooms from solids and intersect those, then explode the already intersected solids into their separate surfaces in order to assign properties to them individually, and then group them back together. It’s a bit of a workaround, but this way I haven’t had any errors yet. I think there was something in building rooms entirely from surfaces that I was misunderstanding/doing wrong, so this is a safe solution.

Thank you so much I will try this.

hey i have same issue with my annual loads simulation.did you solved this problem?

Hi @galzvdzaya , @Rice and @kreatesse ,

Thanks for bringing this up since you’re right that we developed the HB Annual Loads component to be a bit like a QA/QC tool where you can plug in individual Rooms that are normally connected to other Rooms and just get a snapshot of the loads in the Room on its own (effectively treating AirBoundaries with other Rooms as Adiabatic with no heat flow). It looks like I was catching this case when there were AirBoundaries that had Surface boundary conditions with other Rooms but I was missing the case of just a lone AirBoundary. I just pushed a fix that will replace the AirBoundary with a Wall type and make it adiabatic before simulation such that you can still get a load balance for the Room:

The update to the code is here:

… and it will be available with the LB Versioner by the end of today. But, if you don’t want to update you installation right now, just refrain from using AirBoundaries when using the Annual Loads component and you should not experience this issue.