Problem with Honeybee simulation

I use 'Glazing Parameters List ’ to create the windows, and then simulate the energy plus ,but there are something wrong that noted:

1.** Severe ** checkSubSurfAzTiltNorm: Outward facing angle of subsurface differs more than 90.0 degrees from base surface.
2.** Fatal ** GetSurfaceData: Errors discovered, program terminates.

How can I deal with it ?

it is quite difficult to see anything from your screenshots, can you upload your GH file?

Also, how did you set up the geometry? Parametrically? What version of Rhino are you using?


@jer1015 i also encounter the same problem

@jer1015 @Asisnath
I just checked the file and I get the same error as you are getting. Appereantly, it is this very zone that is problematic:
In this zone there are two surfaces, which are causing errors and stop the simulation from running.

I think @chris you have to intervene here, since something seems bugged that worked with previous versions. As I suspected, that the two odd shaped surfaces (Triangle and L-shape) are problematic, so I baked the geometry into Rhino, split the faces of the gable site of the house and the L-shaped site, joined the geometry and referenced it back into the simulation (also split a few other surfaces since they were causing errors because of being non-planar). This way the simulation runs, but it still creates the error ´1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error: ** Severe ** Problem in interior solar distribution calculation (CHKBKS)`. I changed the solar distribution and now it runs without creating errors.
Here´s the fixed file: (685.6 KB)

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@Jonas this worked for me

@Jonas and All,

Thank you for dealing with this as best you could and alerting me to the bug. This issue was actually the result of a previous bug that we had fixed. This previous bug was not one that would cause a termination of E+ but rather was a bug that could cause the computation of an incorrect amount of solar through certain window surfaces. It seems that I only fixed half of it when I took care of it, however, since we still had a case where E+ would terminate.

I just pushed a fix to the github for this case and all should be correct now:

Here is a fixed version of the GH file: (599.4 KB)

I think this might be a bug for which we would want to update the version on Food4Rhino since I imagine that several people might experience it and I would rather nip the issue in the bud now. I will post back soon.

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The version of the components on Food4Rhino has now been updated with this change:

Thank you @chris for the rectification. If you can change the example file given in your YouTube tutorial than it will be very helpful to lot of new users.