Problem with Honeybee_Solve Adjacencies component

Hi all, hi Chris,

I am in trouble with the Honeybee_Solve Adjacencies component (the connection between internal zone and a ground floor) and i was not able to find the error in the workflow. There is something in the model that i cannot recognize as an error. Can someone help me? I am going crazy. The reed baloon says just this “1. Solution exception:bce01e33-8f6a-46ac-8de9-d1d1f728b0d0”.

Attached you can find the file with all the data internalized.

Thanks in advance.


Angelo (740 KB)


Can’t reproduce the problem at my end. it works fine.

Check your tolerance (command units in rhino). Mine is set to 0.001.


Hi Abraham,

Thanks for the reply.

I also have set the tolerance to 0.001…I really don’t know what happen with this component!

If you have any other ideas…you are welcome!



To be on the safe side, update your file to the latest version of HB.

Besides that, no much ideas … Maybe recompute the script.