Problem with imported IDF

Hello everybody,

i have imported an IDF file in honeybee for some test.

It seems that all the components work well, but when I re-run the energy simulation I obtained several errors.

For example:

Failed to write F2825E_glzP_0 to idf file
8. index out of range: 0
9. Failed to write 29BFFB_glzP_0 to idf file
10. index out of range: 0
11. Failed to write 613DE8_glzP_0 to idf file
12. index out of range: 0
13. Failed to write 3CBCE5 to idf file
14. index out of range: 0
15. Failed to write BDEF6C to idf file
16. index out of range: 0


Someone knows how to solve this problem.

In attached you can find idf file, gh definition and the errors list.

Thanks for availability.



modulo-sh-control2.idf (263 KB) (513 KB)
errors.txt (192 KB)

Hi Andrea,

It was an issue with empty shading controls. It should be fixed now. Check the attached file.

Since you have a non-convex zone it will still give you a warning but the geometry exports fine.

Mostapha (481 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

thanks for the quick response. I tried with the new component but I can’t get any results.

In the image you can see the error. I have checked in the folder and I don’t have .cvs and other files (second image).

In attached the updated file.

Thanks again


Andrea (495 KB)

Can you re_run the analysis in a different folder or just the default folder? For some reason the folder has been overwritten after you ran the analysis.

Ok! It seems to be working!

I wiil check the results and I’ll let you know if all works well!

Thanks again, have a nice day.



Hi Mostapha,

I have done some test, but I obtained different results compared to the original simulation.

The problem seem to be related with the schedules and loads.

Looking the values, it seems that it doesn’t recognize the original settings (it uses e.g. medium office bldg occ instead the occupancy included in the idf).

Do you have any tips in order to solve this problem?


Andrea (503 KB)
modulo-sh-control2.idf (263 KB)