Problem with Integrated Daylighting and Energy Simulation Example File

Hi all,

I downloaded the example file for “integrated day lighting and Energy simulation” example file, but it does not work unfortunately. The weather file works, the geometry is read (it is the box in the example file) but no annual .ill results are generated from annual daylighting simulation. The error says: “Can’t find the results for the study”. Would you please take a look at my file and tell me what I am doing wrong. I truly appreciate your help.


Ladan (610 KB)
Box2.3dm (21.1 KB)

Hi Ladan,

  1. Do you have Daysim installed correctly?

  2. What happens if you set the north to 0 degrees? Does it make any difference?


Hi Mostapha

I hope you are doing well! I changed north to 0 and it didn’t help. I downloaded daysim from the link provided in your instructions and I think that it is installed correctly (C\Daysim) please see the attached image. Not sure if it is read by HoneyBee. I get the same error again. Does the file work on your computer?


This problem is solved when we re-installed the program and ran the example file again. thanks!