Problem with Internal Walls

Hello everyone!

I’ve been simulating some models and found some issues that I can’t solve, I hope you help me. (I couldn’t share the model, the forum didn’t allowed yet)

The first problem is about the Adjacent surfaces. After everything is setup and I select “internal walls”, some of them just doesn’t get selected. I guess this happened because of the geometry, but I don’t really know why. I tried several times and always ended up here.

The second problem is about the Constructions Module. When I went to check the composition of them in E+, I found a window with this standart construction: “Generic Double Pane”. The problem is I don’t know what window is this, where it is on the geometry, why E+ is using this kind of glass, or even how I can replace it.

This is a very common situation that results from you either not properly interesting adjacent Room volumes with one another before solving adjacency or, if you did intersect them, there may be tiny gaps between adjacent surfaces that prevent them from being properly intersected. More info about the process of solving adjacency is in this tutorial video:

The HB Intersect Solids component can save a lot of time by intersecting your Room geometry for matching adjacencies before you make your Honeybee Rooms but it won’t identify the tiny gaps that prevent the intersection from succeeding. If solving adjacency is an issue that you encounter frequently and you don’t want it to take up a lot of your time, I recommend purchasing a Pollination Rhino Plugin license. We (the developers of Ladybug Tools) put a bunch of functionality in the Pollination Rhino plugin to help identify and fix these cases. Like this CheckGeoemtryAdjacency command that shows you all of the small gaps:


With the Pollination plugin, you can build your Honeybee model with all of its adjacencies in Rhino and then bring your model from Rhino into Grasshopper for simulation, result postprocessing and detailed analysis.

Do you have a question about the “Generic Double Pane” construction? Maybe you should just watch this series on the fundamentals of energy modeling with Honeybee:

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Thank you a lot Chris, that helps a lot!