Problem with no. of shades in the window shade generator


I’m trying to create shades with the window shade generator, and i want to be able to change the number of shades. Problem is whenever the number is below 3 (1 or 2), i don’t get any output from the component in HBobjWshades…why is that?
attached a simple file as an example…

thanks (506.1 KB)

Hi @annaboim,
Assuming you want the shades ONLY as context you can still create as many as you want without having to use the HB_EPWindowShades to create the zone. Part of my assumption is that you don’t intend to use blinds in addition to the shades.
The reason the component is "failing’ is because there is a chance of crashing EP simulation. The code is preventing that.
In any case, even when the component generates the shades, they are not used in the IDF file, unless you add them as context.
See attached for a working file. Check the panel from the !readMe output!!
Hope is what you are asking for. If not, keep asking :slight_smile:
-A. (551.9 KB)

@AbrahamYezioro, thanks for the reply.
i’m sorry, but i think i misunderstand something about the shades/context concept.
I do want the simulation to take the shades into account when calculating, not just as a shading geometry. So now i’m confused about the way it should be defined…

I suggest you to check this link in order to understand better the process of shade definitions in E+.
You can do what you write both ways: as you intended and as i responded.
The way you try is more intended for the use of blinfs (see the link above. Scroll down for the figure). The WindowShades component tries to “solve” this option but using 2 or less slabs may crash E+ and that’s why it is not giving you the output. One of the advantages of this option is that you can define material properties of the shade, which can be relevant for your case.
What is suggested is using the slabs as context shading. Is more “easy” to use.
Hope it helps,

thanks, i will look into it
what i tried to do was to have the option to go between two cases- blinds or one deep horizontal shade using different definitions in the same component without adding more components (laziness :). That’s why i didn’t understand why i’m getting an output in case of blinds but not getting any when it’s a single shade. But i guess i’ll just separate the two cases.
thank you!