Problem with quantification of bounced sun rays

Dear all,

After trying one and a half day, I am here to seek guidance from this helpful community. I am using Abraham Yezioro’s bounce from surface script to show the solar insolation of the reflected rays on the context building. I am using the end points component to cull those points of rays which are not incident on the context building to be left with incident points. I can make a heatmap as well. It works great when the incoming rays do not already intersect the context building. However, as soon as the sun rays become incident on the context building, it shows problems since endpoints consider those incident points as well. I have tried different ways but I am unable to come up with a solution that works in both cases. I could consider the surface facing the test surface, however, I have to work on a problem which has a large width and round footprint, which may influence the side facades of the building. Therefore, I cannot forego the other facades.

I am hoping someone of you would be so kind to help me out with this problem. I have created two combinations in the attached script. The top one works fine when there is no intersection of rays with the context and the second one is when there is an intersection and the problem arises. Please turn on the toggle to visualize.

Thank you so much! (897.5 KB)

Have you considered the solution presented here:

Thanks for your response LittleBuddha. Yes, I have gone through that topic earlier and found it helpful.

However, the issue is that I have to use LB for this specific work and not HB. I was wondering there must be a way to create heatmap on the reflected rays’ endpoints.

If it’s energy you are interested in, I would go with HB. If it’s rays, I would reprogram the ray tracing component of LB, but then energy would be lost.

I see, in my head, some contours of a solution for the last, but this would require coding specific for this problem.

Yes, I am only interested in rays and insolation not on energy. That is why I am preferring LB. Could you please provide me a sketch of the solution which you think could work?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Btw out-of-topic question: Is there a way to access the old forum GH files from this new forum? I have seen some pretty similar topics now, but I cannot access the files nor the pictures posted because they are located in the legacy forum. Although I have searched for those posts in the old forum, I could not get any results. Is there a special link to open the post in the old forum?

So, I had to resort to HB as I was stuck with LB. It works fine for me. However, I am not quite sure what is the difference in using HB face and HB shading for simulations.

Moreover, I am finding differences in LB solar insolation and HB irradiance studies. The max Wh/m2 value for a specific period in LB is around 430 Wh/m2, while in HB it is 264 Wh/m2. I guess there could be a small difference, but this huge difference indicates some mistake with the script.

The short, and rather unhelpful, answer to that is yes. There is probably something wrong with the script, or the inputs to it.

If you share, someone might jump in and help. But I don’t expect to be able to.