Problem with recolourmesh

Hey Guys,

I am having difficulty in getting a result from ReColorMesh. I have attached its image. The error is: Solution exception:gradientColor() takes exactly 5 arguments (7 given).

I have heard that it can be because of version of honeybee but my honeybee version is not old and I have recently installed it. I do not know what is the problem.

Can somebody help me?

Mitra Sajjadi


Try re-inserting the component with an updated version. The LB_LB and the LB_recolorMesh must be in sync.


Thank you so much Abraham,

Do you know how can I do that? Should I completely remove my honeybee and install a new one or is it possible to just upgrade the component?

Is there a component for updating or should I just install it from Food for rhino?

I appreciate your guidance through this process.

No need to remove and install from fresh!!!

Just insert the updateHoneybee/Ladybug and connect a toggle boolean TRUE to the _updateAllUObjects and _updateThisFile inputs.

The first will sync the User objects globally (with the github) and the second will update your open file with your own library.

After that if any component is giving you such kind of errors just reinsert them from the tabs of HB or LB. This becouse sometimes there are changes in the number of input/output items that the update process can’t handle.

Hope this helps,


Great. Thank you so much for your help. It fixed. Thank you again for your time. That was helpful.