Problem with scene octree for DC calculation, (scene.oct): not an octree

Hi all,
I face the following error when running honeybee-radiance dc scoeff scene.oct model\grid\Grid_8a07902b.pts skydome.rad sky.mtx CLI command in my model directory (attached .zip file):

oconv: fatal - (scene.oct): not an octree
rcontrib: fatal - (!oconv -f -i “scene.oct” ./skydome.rad): not an octree
: cannot load matrix

The octree is created by honeybee-radiance octree from-folder Examples\640_test\model > scene.oct command, which is the output folder from the command honeybee-radiance translate model-to-rad-folder Examples\640_test.hbjson.

Am I missing any step here? (15.0 KB)
FullError.txt (1.7 KB)

Hi @Nimafo,

Try to run:
honeybee-radiance octree from-folder Examples\640_test\model --output scene.oct

The CLI commands in honeybee-radiance usually have an option, --output or -o, that will let you save the output, unlike the usual Radiance way of using ... > output.txt. In case you don’t know, there is a --help option to all the CLI commands that will show the arguments and options, e.g., honeybee-radiance octree from-folder --help.


Hi @mikkel,
Thanks, it works now,

I wonder, however, if the file Radiance-related file extensions are listed somewhere? for example, I want to create a daylight coefficient matrix with honeybee-radiance dc but I do not know what to put as the output file extension.
any comments on that?

Hi @Nimafo,

There are no rules to this. You can put whatever file extension you want so it’s more a question of styling and telling files apart more easily. For a daylight coefficient matrix I would go for .mtx or .dc.

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hi @Nimafo

take a look at Andy McNeils 3-phase tutorial :

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This is great,
Thanks, @Mathiassn!