Problem with solve adjacencies

Hi All. I am having troubles with understanding and working with honeybee solve adjacency for running an energy simulation. I am on 2 minds on this: (Files Attached)

  1. when I add just solve adjacency component, model is validated by ``HB validate model´´ component but they way that internal surfaces and external walls are distinguished is wrong. please see image.

Second way: I use HB intersect solid´´ component between Hb room from solid´´ and ``solve adjacancy´´ , it is not validated at the end by Hb componenent due the reason in the image, but all of the surfaces and external walls are difined coorectly.

I want to know what is the problem in my workflow. Your help highly appreciated.

School 2.3dm (276.4 KB) (582.3 KB)

Hi @Mahdiaskari
I highly recommend starting by adding the zone groups and then adding each zone of the group one by one to check which zone is not working correctly. I saw your file and found that two of the classrooms are the problem. I think you should remove them and recreate them, paying attention to the OSNAP in Rhino. A small deviation in OSNAP makes the HB intersect solid´´ error because of the tolerance in your Rhino file.
For example, this deviation is not important in the energy simulation result but may cause some errors. (604.4 KB)
School 2.3dm (375.2 KB)