Problem with sorting time data (hrs and minutes) for one day


As part of a bigger analysis I have problems with sorting some data. Specifically, I have a list of minutes during one day, when the sun is visible at the calculated geometri. I now need to make a list of all the minutes of one day (1440 minutes), indicating wether the sun is visible or not - a list of 0 and 1. But I am struggling with sorting the data correctly.

In the attached file I have only included the specific problem, and not the whole sunlight analysis I am working on.

Match (12.6 KB)

Hi @idas,

you can solve it by using GH native components or a custom script.
Match (17.3 KB)


Thanks a lot! It works perfectly :slight_smile:

Hello Antonello, Ida,

is it possible to share the screenshot result of that graphs? I would like to get the exact minutes at begining and at the end of sun visibility periods. I’m curious if that graph will show the answer.

Best regards