Problem with the annual DGP Daysim simulation

Hi all,

I am having some trouble running an annual glare simulation with the honeybee daysim components. Maybe someone can help me figure out what the problem is.

When I launch the simulation it gives me the following error message:

It seems like it is not creating the sky or something.

Am I doing something wrong? Find attached the script I used:

Thanks in advance,



Try to define the required TestPoints in the HB_annualDaylightSimulation component.

I think a warning should be added there, since it is a compulsory input and in your case it is missing.

Didn’t tried myself but it can be the cause.


Is not this.

Unplug the panel with the Perspective from the DS parameters. Then it will run. Don’t know about the results, but it will run.


Thanks Abraham, but then it does not produce any results.

I thought I get this fixed this once (…). The issue was what Abraham mentioned. I will take another look soon. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks Mostapha, I checked and the problem was that plus the fact that I was using several CPUs. I changed the CPUs from 8 to 1 and now it works.

Good to know but does the results make sense? There is close to no documentation about this topic and I never get a clear response from the email list so I suggest you to do some comparative studies for couple of hours between glare component and the annual one.


Hi Alejandro,

Following the aforementioned step, the model can run but not generate the results. How do you fix it?


Carmen (569 KB)

Hello Everybody I have the same problem, I followed What the comments below where saying but it does not a generate a result file!

Any suggestion?

Thanks (538 KB)

Hi Amedeo, Your file is missing the input geometries so I can’t re-create the error. What is exactly going wrong in your example?