Problem with the falsecolor component - Solution exception:Parameter is not valid

When I tried to run the Honeybee_Falsecolor component, an error message was found as shown below. And I tried to go to the simulation file and figure out that there is problem for the Falsecolor component to call the Falsecolor2 in Radiance library. [From my checking, this component has been included in Radiance/bin and Radiance/lib.

When I tried to put the falsecolor command to the simulation folder as shown below.
And manually run the command “HDR2GIF.BAT”, the HDR image can be generated.

May I know any suggestion for this error caused? And how to fix the problem ? This is a little bit troublesome as everytime when I try to use falsecolor component, I have to make sure that it exists in the folder where I saved and manually run the command “HDR2GIF.BAT”

Thank you so much!!!

Hello, I solved this problem by updating my radiance to the latest version(5.2), and it does work for my rhino 6.