Problem with the Mesh Threshold Selector

I would appreciate the help with a problem I am having with Ladybug Mesh Threshold Selector.
After Performing a radiation analysis process on a brep I am trying to select different meshes based on the amount of radiation, However the conditional statement in the operator fails to gather data and only the percentage to keep controls the resulting mesh.
I would very much appreciate the help.

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Here is the file too I guess the problem is with the level of perform, but I can’t really pin it down.
Lady Bug (435.1 KB)

The panel you connected to the operator input is wrong.
It should have only the operator sign, as the hing says, without a value. i.e. >, >=, < etc. I’ve found a bug, though, and it is that the == is not working.
The value goes into the levelOfPerformance input.

Oh yeah, I have always tried it with a value rather than only the sign, However I did find a solution that allows me to select all the values within a domain … I am sure it is far from perfect as I had to go through the script and change a line in it and for it to work I will have to specify the domain from inside the script but it got my job done, I am sure though you would have a better solution for the domain problem.

Unfortunately it is far from perfect as a programmer friend of mine did the edit and I couldn’t completely explain the logic of the code to him however it works fine for me.
The LevelOfPerform doesn’t make any change as long as it is hooked up with a number, it’s absence is what makes the difference.Lady Bug (431.2 KB)

I don’t recommend changing the code, not becouse it is not good but becouse you’ll loose the changes on any update and you need to remember what are the changes. If you want you can open an issue in github suggesting the change or add an option of inputing a domain.
Saying that, it is possible to filter a domain using the component twice in tandem. See attached.
Lady Bug (428.6 KB)