Problems about ladybug radiation analysis

Hi, all

I’m practicing different typologies on ladybug and honeybee. But this twist type looks strange on the blue areas.(I set in legend that blue is 0 kwh/m²)

So what happened? Does anyone know ?

I upload the gh files if necessary


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twist (507 KB)

It’s because test points fall behind the meshed surface. to avoid this you can slightly add to _disFromBase value for cases with major twist.

Hi Mostapha,

that works! Thank u very much ! :slight_smile:


I have quite similar problem, LB analyse only some surfaces, for radiation, sunlight hours, etc. The external get 0 value.
I got rid of the GH definition to eliminate possible GH problems, but it still gives my strange solution.

Anyone? Thanks!

your problem is different. Check the normal surface for the outside rectangle. Make sure they are facing outwards.

what if some are facing outwards and some are facing inwards? is there a way to make all the vectors go outwards?

Check this discussion for David Rutten’s solution.

It doesn’t seem to work for me, do I use the same surface for its guide surface?

The better is to upload the file. Otherwise, people here will be guessing.

Apologies, as I am a new user here I cannot upload attachments.

You can post a link, in the meanwhile.

Okay thank you, I made a Google Drive link:

Apologies for the mess, the radiation analysis is on the right.

This should work.
City Hall (543.9 KB)

This works perfectly thank you! Seeing as I’m new to grasshopper and want to understand it better, can I ask what you assigned the geometry to (as I don’t see a wired input) and why you set the uv values to 0.5? Thank you so much

The “geometry” do you mean the one to be used as the normal reference? If so, you can unhide the geometry. Is just a plane with the normal pointing upwards (to the outside).
The .5,.5 is for the normal to be shown at the center of the surface (you need to ask it to be re-parametrized at the input options.


okay I see! Thanks again.