Problems about the Adaptive Comfort Accuracy

Hi Mostapha, Chris and group members,

I made a little experiment about a small house by adaptive comfort method to check the influence to interior comfort by different passive operations, such as natural ventilation. The result seemed odd that showed great approximately 50% increase in interior comfort after natural ventilation, even the winter time turned warm inside the house. That was incomprehensible to me. So I am wondering whether my gh file setting was not correct, or could anyone help me to explain it?

Thank you very much.

Upload my gh file.

Issue about (605 KB)


I’ve been giving a look to your file. I was not understanding why you were getting that result, and I have to say that your way of setting up the zones is quite unfamiliar for me, so I may be wrong.

As soon as I added materials (if you had add them in a different way they were not working for me) it had senseYou can see that the comfort chart when the windows are closed is the same, as it should be. When they are open you can see that the temperatures decrease and the RH increases (as it is high outside). There is also similar shapes on the comfort chart as the airflow volume showing when the windows are close for excessive temperature creating discomfort, this is logic, as your windows close at 28 degrees, what is not considered “comfortable” (however there are studies explaining it is comfort in certain situations, as in buildings with natural ventilation).

My guess is that energy plus was not reading properly your materials. Probably Mostapha and Chris will answer to this better than me

I have grouped the things I added to your script, hope it helps. If you upload the IDF I may try to help you a bit more until someone else helps you better.

Julia (741 KB)

Hi Julia,

So sorry for my late reply.

It did the material setting problem that made the error. I studied your gh file, that really did a great help! And I guess the previous setting was too poor to protect the house from hot temperature.

Thank you again.

King regard.