Problems in running energy simulation due to geometry

Hello All,

I am facing a problem in running an energy simulation using a model with curved surfaces.

I am attaching the script and the model that should give you the same error I get.

The error appears as soon as I introduce the glazing surfaces in the geometry and it is the following:

1. Solution exception:‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute ‘coordinates’

I have been trying to solve it for a while and I have noted the following:

  • I am using the approach of building the zones using the create HBSfrs component. However, nothing changes if I use the Honeybee masses2zone component (error remains);

  • I am introducing the glass surfaces using geometries built in Rhino. However nothing changes if I use the HB component to automatically build the windows based on glass to wall ratio (error remains);

  • This problem in the simulation has been introduced only once I have updated all the components to the latest versions of LB and HB. The geometry was working fine with the versions from Feb 2017. Also, I don’t expect that curved geometries should cause problems as they have been used in simulations for quite a while now.

Finally, there is another problem in the simulation which relates to the HB context surfaces. Even if the simulation runs with the curved geometry, as soon as I add the roof as a shading element I am again not able to go further. The roof is composed also of curved surfaces and I could eventually simplify them but I am surprised that they are not ‘digested’ as they are quite simple and ‘light’ in the end.

I hope that I am missing something here and that the problem can be solved easily. It would be great to have your input!

Thanks a lot in advance and let me know if you have any questions on this!

Carmelo (663 KB)
model.3dm (94 KB)

Hi Carmelo,

Using Honeybee masses2zone instead of using hb_EPZoneSurface did the trick and I could run your definition.

Definition attached.

-Devang (663 KB)