Problems running Honeybee_Read Annual Result I - ds_el_lighting.exe stopped working

Hi All!

This program was working completely fine yesterday, but it is having issues running the read annual result component for DA, UDI, etc for daylighting.

I have a feeling this may only be from my computer, but having restarted it and refreshing everything, it is having glitchy issues.

Is there a chance there is something wrong with the coding, or anything I might be missing?

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Elly (643 KB)

Scratch that, it worked again when I toggled the boolean, but I am curious why it might be glitchy.

This is a daysim bug. We can’t do much about it.

Hi everyone!

I seem to encounter the same issue with the read annual results I. There is a continuous issue with this component and it shows me the error ‘Solution exception out of range’ even though the simulations have been run correctly and the number of results and the number of test points match as well.

The other read annual results II always works. Or is this a bug in Daysim, as Mostapha mentioned in another post?

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