Problems with a grid based on grasshopper

Hi everyone.

I’m working on a study to analyze the local heat island effect.
I’m having trouble entering the algorithm into grasshopper and it doesn’t show up on the ENVI-met.
My guess is that setting the base surface seems to be the problem, so I tried several things, but nothing worked.

this is my grid base It’s supposed to be under the Surface, but I don’t know why

And this is my grasshopper algorithm

I want the output from ENVI-met to look like this

Since this is a private project, I can send you the file by email.

Thans a lot !


Hi @jinsil Do you install ENVI-MET with license?

Hi, @minggangyin

Thank you for attention.

I solve the problems a few hours ago.

But, I face another problems
I start ENVI-core, but it become unstable.

Can you solve this problem?

@jinsil This is a new question about ENVI-MET,not grasshooper. Maybe you should need ENVI-MET’s technical support