Problems with a gridbased illuminance analysis on Rhino 6


I’m doing a grid based illuminance analysis with LB Legacy, HB [+] and Radiance
In my workflow, the geometry is created on Archicad and imported into Rhino as an .obj file
I use several GH Geometry Pipeline components to create HBSurfaces, and a Rhino surface to generate the mesh that creates the test points for the analysis grid.

This workflow works perfectly on Rhino 5, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for Rhino 6.
Whenever I set a surface on RH 6 to generate an analysis grid, Rhino and Grasshopper stop responding.
Also, its taking more time to set an epw file on RH 6, than on RH 5.

Oddly enough, I don’t have this issue on RH 7…
Unfortunately I cannot post the .gh file.
I’m posting a screenshot of those issues listed above.

Does anyone had this problem?


I would recommend sticking to either Legacy or the new LBT plugin. The HB[+] plugin is mostly deprecated at this point. The last stable release of the new LBT plugin (v 1.2.0) didn’t have point-in-time recipes but the latest development version of the LBT plugin has it and the yet-to-be-release version 1.3.0 will have it.

Thanks @chris

I hope the next stable version of LBT comes out soon.
That would be of great help to us!

Hi @chris
Could you help me on this as well?

I’m trying to replicate this algoritm with HB Legacy and RH6.
The analysisGrid component is working well now, but unfortunately I came across with another issue:

I have three createHBSrfs components in this file: one for the opaque surfaces of the project, another for the context surfaces and the last one for the windows/glass surfaces. The first two components are causing Rhino to crash. The crash happens even before I run the simulation.

This wasn’t happening previously with HB+
Is there any relationship between Rhino’s geometry and this component?
If my file is made out of many meshes, it can crash this component?


Why are you going backwards from HB+ to legacy, @brenoveiga . I recommend going forwards to the LBT plugin. The development version of the plugin currently has all of the legacy honeybee radiance features.

Also, the legacy components could not accept meshes as input for Honeybee Faces/Surfaces. The LBT components can accept mesh inputs just like HB+ does.

Hi @chris !
I didn’t know I could download a development version, I thought I had to wait for the stable version.
I searched the forum and found a recent post you made with the correct way to install the development version. I will try it!