Problems with context (shadings around) getting the total of solar energy

Could someone provide me some step by step to get the total amount of power generated in a year by photovoltaic modules? In the model that I am doing, there are some buildings around the modules. So I should consider the context (shading of the buildings around). What I got (see the figure) was only an analysis without considering this context. I believe there is already some topic on this, but what I found was about the maximum energy generated during the year considering the context, but I could not find the total energy generated with context.

Hi @raimariano,

I apologize for never replying to your question. I have been assigned to this topic by the Administrator, but I never got the email about it.

Attached below is an example with internalized geometry for both the PVsurface and the buildings with terrain and trees.
This is the section in the .gh file where you need to add your buildings:

I grouped in red color the boolean toggles that you need to turn on, in order for the definition to run.

Please accept my apology once again for not replying on time.

020_Photovoltaics shaded (509.6 KB)

Thank you, Djordje! A friend of mine had found this solution too. I forgot to post that. Thanks even so!

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