Problems with EnergyPlus and Daylight Simulation

Hi all,

I am trying to start my simulation with the component Run Energy Simulation and I got so many problems that I couldn’t solve.
And I’ve tried to run my Daylignt Analysis but it also give a message with errors.

Could anyone help me to solve all these problens?
Two imagens and my .gh file are attached

Thaks in advance
Libner (902.6 KB)

@libner.melo Your EnergyPlus model works fine without error in my machine.

And your daylighting model works not fine .Because you connect brep to the HBObjects. It is a wrong way.
You should connect HBsurface to HBObjects.

Here is the daylighting result and the fix gh file. (907.1 KB)

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Thank you so much @minggangyin. My daylight analysis is working fine now!
But I dont know the reasons why in my computer the simulation with EnergyPlus component hasn’t been running. Some idea on how can I solve that?

Hi @libner.melo,
You model has either non-convex surfaces or zones. Please go through this and that

Hope this will help!

Sorry, but I didn’t find any non-convex surface by “Honeybee Find Non-convex” component :confused:

You are right. I tried your file now. Similar to @minggangyin, the energy simulation works without any fatal errors at my end. Can you please post the full error message?

@devang my file is working fine now! I don’t know how the errors was fixed, but if this happens again I’ll post the full error message