Problems with EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator

Hi everyone,
Please forgive that English is not my native language.
I used the EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator component to create shading. I want the shading generated from two side!

But it can only generated from one side.How can i solve this problem.
I hope you understand my description, and I would be grateful if you could answer.

If you are trying to model this for EnergyPlus and your shades are as large as your image, you can probably ignore the indoor part of the shades.

If your shade is more like an interior/exterior blind instead of large louvers or you are modeling the shades for daylight simulation, use two “Window Shade Generator” components (one after the other) and have one of them add the shades on the inside while the other add corresponding shades on the outside.

Use the interiorOrExter_ input to generate indoor shades in one and outdoor shades with the other:

sorry,Chris.I think you may have misunderstood me.These shadings are outside the window,but I hope them could start from the left and right edges of the window.For example,I turn “numOfsShds” to 5,it can generator shades just like this.Please pay attention to my red circle.