Problems with HB_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator

Hi everybody,

It´s two days that i have been struggling with the shade generator component, so i have decided to ask here in the forum, hoping some of you can help me (as always)! :slight_smile:

I don´t know why i have this error:

1. Solution exception:‘hb_EPFenSurface’ object has no attribute ‘shadeMaterial’

I have tryed to change the workflow, but i still have that error.

Someone can help me?

I attached the files.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Claudia (698 KB)
Window 3D Rhino 07-06-2016.3dm (134 KB)


See if the attached works for you.

I updated the file and as a result some components needed to be reinserted.

-A. (710 KB)


thanks a lot for your quick respons!!

Now the workflow finally works!!

Thanks again