Problems with HBZone and AddGlazing component - GrizzlyBear


First of all, thanks Mostapha, Chien Si and all for this great work.

I achieved to create gbXML files with GrizzlyBear, but I am having constant problems when creating HBZones with manually input windows. I manage to have proper HBZones with RADMaterials and EPConstructions (I’ve run Daylight calculation on them successfully), but when I plug the zones to GrizzlyBear this error appears:

Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute 'getCurrentLoads’

In addition, something similar happens when I plug these HBZones to the newest decomposeByType component, althought it works properly when plugged to the previous version of it. This is what the error says:

Solution exception:‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute 'BC’

Same thing with SetEPZoneConstruction:

Solution exception:‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute 'BCObject’

Any thought?


gbXML trial (295 KB)

Hi Ander,

I can’t check your file right now but this is probably happening because you are using some components with a newer version than Honeybee_Honeybee in your file. If you update all the components with the latest version you won’t get this issue. You can download the new userObjects from Github.


Hi again Ander, Check the attached file for an updated version. I’m surprised how you put it all together without an example file. Good job. I made couple of changes in your workflow. e.g. when you have zones already created then you don’t need to input any floor height. -Mostapha (311 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

It was as simple as that. It works perfectly now.

Thank you very much

Hi Mostapha.
I found some issues when exporting the gbXML. Check these three images: the first building has rectangular walls and rectangular windows done manually, and it was exported correctly. the second one has a tilted façade (non rectangular walls) and glazing applied by percentage-ratio. it was exported correctly too.

However, when I create non glazing manually in non-rectangular walls, the gbXML is not exported properly (but I can see it correctly in the last step in GH), as you can see in the last image.

Hi Ander, Thanks for reporting. Looks like the component misses a loop and just exports the first piece of glazing. Can you send me your last geometry?

here it is

20140530 AGB (417 KB)

Hi Ander,

Just checked the file. This is a bug in the new Class that I wrote in Honeybee. It will happen for any planar surface which have non-rectangular glazing. I will try to get it fixed now but it may take longer. I will upload the new version once I figure it out. Thank you for reporting this.


Thanks Mostapha. Happy to help.

So here is the updated file.I can see that it exports glazing surfaces however I don’t know how it will show up in DB.

I also made minor modifications to your file. Including removing wrong materials for interior walls. Let’s get them fixed one by one though. Let me know if geometry is fine and we can discuss differences between materials and constructions later. (430 KB)

Hi, I carry on with this file…overall it works very well (see import to TAS EDSL)…I could run it at one PC but when I tried on another PC I have following errors?

1…following errors, I think some of them are easy to fix and relate to library Grizzlybear not sure:

  1. I have problem and do not know how to apply different construction Floors: to GroundFloor, exposed floor?

Hi Michal,

Thank you for reporting. Looks great and I like the visualization down there. pretty cool. I didn’t understand your question 1.

For question 2, all the errors that I see here are coming from an update. Update userObjects and then replace the components with new ones from the tab and they will be solved.

Back to error with GB looks like you are using old libraries. Copy attached files to c:\gbxml and try again.


gbXMLSerializer.dll (99 KB)
VectorMath.dll (44 KB)


A. GH works now without problem and can produce gbXML

B. this relate to Question 1, I still have errors from those images above. Are those error relate to R+ library content? how to solve it?



  1. Solution exception:name ‘_materialName’ is not defined


  1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘upper’

C. in this example I am trying to apply different construction to surfaces and I am struggling to apply

in searchEPConstruction Surfacetype there is on floor and no air…

in setEPZoneCnstr I have only floor…how do I add ground floor and air to this list?

Hi Michal, Did you try to update the components and make sure you have the latest version and then replace the components with the ones from the updated tab? If you do that the component input will be _materialName and not materialName