Problems with HoneybeePlus component


I am experiencing problems when i am trying to run a script that is built on honeybee plus components.

This is the error message i receive on several of the components:

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import honeybee:
    No module named honeybee.hbsurface

  2. Solution exception:
    Failed to import honeybee:
    No module named honeybee.radiance.analysisgrid

  3. Solution exception:
    Failed to import honeybee:
    No module named

(Same message, different components)

I have the newest version of HB, LB, HB+ and LB+ installed.

What am i missing here?

Hope someone can help me out.



Hi everyone,

Having similar issues here. Did fresh install of all latest components including ‘pip installs’ for both honeybee and ladybug modules but getting following errors:

Failed to import honeybee:
no module named honeybee.hbsurface (or honeybee.XXXXX)

Same thing happens for ladybug modules.


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@nicolajlangkjaer this solved the issue for me:

I realized I was missing all these folders and rhinoscript files in the Rhinoceros/6.0/scripts directory (prob due to some issues I’ve had with admin privileges during installation). I just pasted these folders from someone who had them installed and everything works.

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This is a long shot, but I’m having the same problem as you were (back in July). Any chance you could post a zip of these files or something? I can’t tell which files I’m missing! Thanks!

hi,@870374 Please update your profile. Here is scripts for HoneybeePlus.
image (647.9 KB)



I have loaded most of them. That did not solve the first problem

It was mostly about updating the locations of the libraries via the improved Honeybeeplus updates.

I will check out these later this evening.



I already have all these scripts loaded into the right location in Rhino support files. Downloaded from github

Thanks anyway


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Dear friend, where should we put this file in Windows? I will put it in the C drive, but the problem will not be solved !!!

Can you give me those files too? Thankful