Problems with Wind Rose and Psychometric chart .. (empty chart and comfort polygon error)

Hi all …

I am totally new to Ladybug …
Regarding the Wind Rose, I have an empty charge with no data inside it … However, when I check the output data using a panel, I have them tabulated succefully! The chart and the Grasshopper connections are as depicted in the photos below:


The second issue is having no comfort polygon in the Psychometric chart!
I have the following error tabulated by ReadMe port:



The .epw I used can be installed from the following link:

The .epw zipped link

Thanks in advance …

Wind rose issue: You are showing ONLY the wind curves and legend (see the outputs you are connecting to the Preview component.
Psychrometric issue: Hard to say without seeing your file.

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Thanks for your reply Abraham.

Regarding the preview component, to the best of my knowledge, its is not necessary to have it connected to get the output. However, after your reply I tried to but I got an error message that the numerical data cannot be converted into geometry, as in the following shot:

The Psychometric connections are as follows:

Any advice?

You need to connect the windRoseMesh. Or you can just show the windRoseAnalysis.
The image doesn’t help. Better to upload the GH file.

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Thanks man … that did work …

Regarding the Show “WindRoseAnalysis” how can this be done?

Please, find attached the psychometric chart file, named: lesson5 (430.8 KB)


Right click + Preview or [ctrl]+q
For the psychrometric, you set a relatively high metabolic activity that will cause the comfort area will fall out of the graph. See image for a much lower met activity.


Thanks Abraham … the first problem is totally solved.
But regarding the second one, even before adding the metabolic activity, I cannot have the polygon. Are you still seeing the null output from the comfort percentage?

This looks confusing!
If this worked with the same file I have uploaded, I think this leads to a problem with settings in my side!

Hi Ahmed.
Were you able to work this out??
I’m having the same issue with my psychometric charts.