Process alleys component odd behavior

I’m using Dragonfly to build a model (for energy and solar simulations) of an urban block, with the idea of scaling the same approach to several blocks at the city level.
The urban block is made of several buildings attached to each other and I’m using the process alley component to remove the windows from the shared walls and make them adiabatic. However, by doing so, I also lose the windows and the outdoor-wall property on those buildings’ floors facing a shorter building but above it (see picture).
Is there a way to automatically detect that that wall should be classified as “outdoor” and keep window properties? (71.9 KB)

Another odd behavior is visible in the second picture where I have set a distance of 10 in the DF process alley component and I lose windows on the first four floors (as I would expect) but also on the fifth and sixth that do not have anything directly in front. I’m also surprised to get windows on the top floor then.

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Hi @Matteo ,

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, there is. Given the way that you set up your case, the components should have actually counted those walls as outdoors. The issue was just that the elevation of floors and the roofs of the neighboring buildings were perfectly equal to one another. I changed the source code so that they have to be different from one another within the tolerance to trigger the adiabatic-setting code:

This gets the walls to show up as you expect:

The update should be available with the LB Versioner within an hour or so.

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Thank you for the fix @chris, it works fine now!

What about the other issue regarding the windows that show up only on the top floor of the Bld.1 when setting 10m as a distance, while there are no windows on the two stories underneath despite being nothing in front?

Another situation that might be interesting to look at is visible in the lower part of the picture.
The logic here is clear (the two walls are within 10m distance so they don’t get windows and they are turned into adiabatic surfaces since the boolean toggle is set to true), however, do you think it would be interesting to have a differential threshold to set the adiabatic condition?

I try to explain it better, the adiabatic condition is good to have when the buildings touch each other (very small distances in the distance input) however for larger distances (as the 10m example) we might still want to have no windows (let’s say for privacy reasons), but the wall should be classified as outdoor. Turning the boolean toggle for _adiabatic input to false solves the problem, but it also creates the unwanted results of classifying the walls touching each other into outdoor walls.

Thanks for clarifying, @Matteo . Your last paragraph helps me understand what you’re trying to achieve and you can do so by using two “Process Alleys” components in tandem like so: (54.0 KB)

You can see that it gives you the desired result:

And only the Faces that are within a meter of the neighboring buildings are actually set to Adiabatic:

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